Spa Space
West Loop
161 North Canal Street
USA  60606
(312) 466-9585
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Known for: Muscle Melting Massages, Spa Parties, Seperate Mens/Women's Amenities.

The Scoop from Spa Space:

Located in Chicago's West Loop, Spa Space is a medically oriented day spa facility designed to capture the growing demand among men, women and corporate America for luxury wellness services. Spa Space offers a variety of therapeutic massages, s More...


About Face:

  • Spa Space Signature Facial: 35 min $65 (No Massage) 60 min $95
  • Deep Clean Facial for Men 1 hour (For all skin types): $95
    • Add brow wax/trim: $20
  • Sonya Dakar Fitness Facial (Completely Customized) 1 hour: $115
  • Rejuvenating Facial (For dry or mature skin) 1 hour: $110
  • Vitamin C Booster Facial (For all skin types) 1 hour: $105
  • Clinical Glycolic Facial 45 minutes: $95
    • Series of six treatments: $500
  • Epicuren Corrective System 75 minutes: $140
    • Series of six treatments: $760
  • Microdermabrasion Face: $130
    • W/extractions: $155
    • W/full facial: $175
    • Series of six face treatments: $700 (microderm only)
  • Facial Add-Ons
    • Glycolic Peel: $25
    • Green Tea Peel: $50
    • Brightening Hot Peel: $25
    • Paraffin Face Mask: $10
    • Ultimate Eye Treat: $16
    • Brow Tinting: $25
    • Lash Tinting: $35
    • Facial Bronzing Application: $10
  • Extremity Exfoliation:
    • Hands: $8 with paraffin $15
    • Feet $9 with paraffin $17
  • Make-up Application: $50
  • Make-up Lesson: $100
  • Wedding Day Application for Bride (At Spa Space): 45min $110
  • Wedding Day Application for Bride (At Wedding Location): $160
  • Application for Bridesmaids: (At Wedding Location): $50 per half hour

Body Beautiful:

  • Swedish Massage: 1 hour $95, 1.5 hours $135, 2 hours $180 
  • Space Ritual Massage: 75 minutes $150
  • Sports Massage: 1 hour $95, 1.5 hours $135, 2 hours $180
  • Golfer's Massage: 1 hour $95,1.5 hours $135, 2 hours $180
  • Heaven and Earth Stone Therapy: 1 hour $110, 1.5 hours $155, 2 hours $195
  • Muscle Therapy/Deep Tissue Massage:1/2 hour $55, 1 hour $95, 1.5 hours $135 2 hours $180
  • Reflexology: 1/2 hour $55 ,1 hour $95
  • Prenatal Massage: 1 hour $95, 1.5 hours $135
  • Couples Massage: The Art of Touch: 90 min $160
  • For Two: Side-by-Side: Add $10 per person to each selected massage
  • Indian Head Massage: 1 hour $95, 1.5 hours $135
  • Head-to-Toe Massage: 1.5 hours $160
  • Runner's Massage: 1 hour $95, 1.5 hours $135, 2 hours $180
  • Waxing Services
    • Eyebrows: $20
    • Lip: $15
    • Chin: $15
    • Jawline: $15
    • Neck: $15
    • Half Arm: $20
    • Full Arm: $35 
    • Underarms: $20
    • Abdomen: $15
    • Chest: $45+
    • Back $45+
    • Shoulders: $25
    • Half Leg: $35
    • Full Leg: $65
    • Bikini: $25+
    • Brazilian Bikini: $60+
    • Mens Brazilian: $75+
  • Body Treatments
    • Body Bronzing: 60 minutes $115
    • Pacific Paradise: 90 minutes $160
    • Peppermint Patty Body Treatment 90 minutes: $160
    • Back Facial 75 minutes: $115
    • Green Tea & Ginger Seaweed Body Wrap: 60 minutes $105, 90 minutes $155
    • Wine & Roses Heavenly Renewal: 60 minutes $100, 90 minutes $150
    • Grapeseed Body Scrub: 30 minutes $60
    • Citrus Herbal Extra-Fine Body Scrub: 30 minutes $60
    • Mango Sugar Body Scrub: 30 minutes $60

Feet First:

  • Space Signature Peppermint Pedicure: 50 minutes $45
  • Vanilla-Almond Pedicure: 50 minutes $55
  • Sports Pedicure: 50 minutes $50
  • Mango Peach Enzyme Pedicure: 50 minutes $55
  • Super Scrub Lemongrass Silk Pedicure: 60 minutes $60
  • Mega Massage Lavender Pedicure: 70 minutes $75
  • Happy Feet uber-Pedicure:  80 minutes $95
  • Rose Petal Pedicure: 55 minutes $60
  • Mini Pedicure: $25
  • Make it French: +$8
  • Add Paraffin Foot Treatment:  +$10

Hands Down:

  • Space Signature Manicure: $24
  • Man Hands Manicure: $25
  • Vanilla-Almond Manicure: $30
  • Mango Enzyme Manicure: $30
  • Seasonal Aromatherapy Manicure: $28 
  • Rose Petal Manicure: $35
  • Road to Recovery Manicure: $50
  • Additional Options
    • French Manicure: add $5
    • Paraffin Hand Treatment: $10
    • Polish Change: $12
    • French Polish Change: $15
  • Artificial Nail Treatments
    • Full Set of Nails: $65
    • Fill in: $40
    • Artificial Polish Change Only: $20
    • Replacement Nail: $6
    • Repair: $5
    • Removal (not including manicure): $40

For Men:

  • Clinical Glycolic Facial:  40 minutes $80
  • Deep Clean for Men (all skin types): 60 minutes $95
    • Add brow wax/trim: $20
  • Back Facial: 60 mins $115
  • Detoxifying Seaweed Treatment: 60 minute $105, 90 minute $155
  • Waxing Services:
    • Back: $45
    • Shoulders: $25
    • Neck: $15
    • Chest: $45
    • Eyebrows: $20
    • Brazilian: $75
  • Sports Pedicure: $55
  • Man Hands Manicure: $25

Spa Packages

  • Serenity Now!
    Includes 50-minute Massage (choice of Swedish, Deep Tissue or Sports), customized to relax the muscles and meet your personal preferences for pressure and areas of concentration, plus an upgraded Seasonal Manicure and Signature Pedicure (with paraffin) designed to treat and hydrate your hands and feet. 2 hours, 45 minutes $160
  • Space, No Time
    Get-a-Glow Facial Express, Half-hour Swedish Massage, Seasonal Manicure, and Mini- Pedicure. Get the bare essentials done -- even on a busy schedule. And, yes, we consider  massage an essential! 2 hours $165
  • Urban Escape
    Take a local vacation with a series of services designed to relax and revitalize you - inside and out.Includes choice of Indian Head Massage or Eucalyptus Reflexology Ritual (25min.), a Pumpkin- Yam Facial Peel and Collagen Eye Treatment (25 min.), an upgraded Seasonal Aromatherapy Manicure with softening hand scrub (30 min.), and a Signature Peppermint Pedicure with a hydrating Paraffin Treatment (60 min.). 2.5 hours $199
  • Spa Lovers (Package for Couples)
    Begin your spa day together receiving our signature "Art of Touch" - an instructional massage session for couples. In a candlelit room, you will learn massage techniques especially designed for the needs of your partner, and then, in turn, receive massage from your partner and your massage therapist. Next, contemplate what you've learned as you each receive a one-hour Swedish Massage from a professional massage therapist. You will be reunited in our private dual pedicure room, where you will each receive a luxurious pedicure. Bask in the romance! 3.5 hours $215 per person
  • Space Mission
    Muscular Therapy Massage (90 min.), Reflexology (30 min.), and Indian Head Massage (30 min.). The mission of this complete package is clear: to take you on an unforgettable journey of decompression. From head to toe - including scalp,neck, shoulders, back, legs, and feet - your therapists will ensure that  no muscle is neglected. You may wish to never return from this journey! 2.5 hours $235
  • Space Stress Buster Express
    A taste of all the essentials, including a one- hour Swedish Massage, customized deep-clean Signature Facial, Signature Peppermint Pedicure, and our Seasonal Manicure. 3.5 hours $250
  • Lost in Space
    Take a few hours to escape the outer world and explore your inner space while we transform your body, skin and spirit. Enjoy the combined modalities of our signature Space Ritual massage, which incorporates plenty of extra touches to ensure a deep state of relaxation, reap the deep- cleaning benefits of your choice of the Signature Facial or Deep Clean Facial for Men, and finish with a hydrating, restorative Seasonal Manicure. 3 hours $260
  • Love Thy Mother
    How do you show the mom in your life that you appreciate a lifetime of unconditional love, support and nurturing? You make everything about her for a day! Ultraluxe spa treatments are combined for head-to-toe pampering. Package includes the Space Ritual Massage, Happy Feet Pedicure, Seasonal Aromatherapy Manicure. The full-body massage (75 min.) includes relaxation and therapeutic techniques, plus elements of Indian Head massage, Heated Stone Therapy, Reflexology and Aromatherapy. The uber-pedicure incorporates a scrub, mask, wrap and extended massage plus all the trimmings. The Aromatherapy manicure leaves her hands soft and her nails immaculate. No doing dishes this night! 3.5 hours $260
  • Winter Vacation
    Signature Facial, Paraffin Mask, Hand/Foot Exfoliation with Paraffin, Butter/Stone Massage. Restore winter skin and rejuvenate your body without getting on a plane. These treatments are designed to fight the damaging effects of Chicago's dry, cold, winter weather conditions. We'll heat your muscles, buff and butter your skin, and create a facial glow that will make you feel like you spent a week in the tropics!Our customized Signature Facial deep-cleans and exfoliates, and we'll add a paraffin mask to hydrate and balance your weather-beaten skin. Your hands and feet will be exfoliated, dipped in warm paraffin wax, and wrapped for maximum hydration. Finally, we'll coat your body in rich and nourishing body butter, and use heated stones to give you a 90min. deeply warming, full- body massage of gliding strokes. 3 hours $285
  • SpaceStressBuster Supreme
    Indulgence and therapy coincide. Enjoy a 90-minute Swedish Massage to remove tension and stimulate blood flow, a nourishing, cleansing Vitamin C Booster facial (great for all skin types), a Signature Peppermint Pedicure, and an Aromatherapy Manicure.4 hours, 15 min. $299
  • Prenatal  Pampering
    90-min. Prenatal Massage, Vitamin C Booster facial and a Vanilla-Almond Manicure/Pedicure will relax and nurture the deserving expectant mom from head to belly to toes! 4 hours $310
  • Deep Space for Men
    Heaven and Earth Stone Therapy Massage, Citrus Herbal Scrub, Gentleman's Facial, and Man Hands Manicure. This complete package for men is deeply relaxing and guaranteed to take you away from the outside world. The 90-minute hot stone therapy massage will warm and relax your muscles, the scrub will refresh and hydrate your skin, the deep cleansing facial will address facial skin imbalances, and the manicure will leave your hands immaculate. 3.5 hours $319
  • The Big Event
    Vitamin C Booster Facial, Citrus Herbal Extra- Fine Body Scrub, One-Hour Swedish Massage, Mango Enzyme Manicure and Pedicure. Big party? High school reunion? Wedding? Hot Date? The Vitamin C facial will lift and hydrate your face without irritation, the gentle-yet-effective body scrub will slough off dead cells so your skin can shine and feel like silk, the massage will increase your circulation, and the mango manicure/pedicure will prepare your hands and feet for the finest accessories. 4 hours, 15 minutes $330
  • Stoners Delight
    Heaven and Earth Stone Massage, Signature Facial with hot/cold stones, Toe Pebble Pedicure. Mellowing, grounding, and purely therapeutic, this combination of treatments will leave you feeling groovy. A 90-minute heated stone massage inspires unimaginable relaxation and reconnection to the body. Next, a customized facial integrates hot and cold stones to relax the facial muscles, stimulate circulation, and reduce puffiness and inflammation. Finally, enjoy a Happy Feet pedicure - ideal for tired, overworked and aching feet. Includes stimulating hot stone massage therapy and major hydration/exfoliation.3.5 hours $345
  • Rose Petal
    Grapeseed Body Scrub, Aromatherapy Massage, Rejuvenating Facial, Rose Petal Manicure and Pedicure. A true sensory experience, guaranteed to elevate your spirit and banish your stress. The sloughing action of anti-oxidant rich grapeseed granules will make your skin glow, the rose oil massage will melt your muscles, the collagen- based facialwill hydrate your face and smooth fine lines. A rose-infused luxury manicure and pedicure will complete your escape from reality. 4 hours, 15 minutes $350
  • East Meets West
    Inspired by Eastern sensibilities where wellness of body and soul intertwine, this package combines therapy for the muscles, skin and spirit. A one-hour Indian Head Massage relieves tension in the upper back, shoulders, neck, head and scalp. Reflexology focuses on the soles of the feet (30-min.), and a Heaven & Earth Stone Therapy Massage (60 min.) uses heated river stones and fluid massage strokes to relax the entire body. A customized deep-clean Aromatherapy Facial integrates hot and cold stones to relax the facial muscles, stimulate circulation, and reduce puffiness and inflammation. Finally, our Lemongrass Manicure & Pedicure uses green tea to shed dead cells while softening and nourishing the skin. 5 hours, 15 min. $430
  • Makeover
    Shedding the years is pain-free and full of pleasure with no recovery time - especially when you see and feel the results of a half-day of buffing, scrubbing, polishing and hydrating. This ultimate package treats skin, muscles, body, and nails. Enjoy the powerful benefits of a microdermabrasion facial, involving mechanical dead skin blasting, extractions, treatment mask, and a bonus collagen eye-treat. Next, receive a detoxifying and skin-smoothing Green Tea & Ginger Seaweed Body Wrap (60 min.), and a full-body Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage (60 min.) Finally, sit back and enjoy the sensory benefits of a luxurious Vanilla-Almond Pedicure and Seasonal Manicure. 5 hours $450

 Additional Options

  • Group Events- Contact Spa Space for more details.


Monday 10:00 am - 08:00 pm
Tuesday 12:00 pm - 08:00 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am - 08:00 pm
Thursday 10:00 am - 08:00 pm
Friday 10:00 am - 08:00 pm
Saturday 09:00 am - 06:00 pm
Sunday 11:00 am - 05:00 pm

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